Welcome! I am CeAnne Jones, Virtual Creative

Are you a business owner dreaming of the moment when all your least-favorite parts of managing  your business are lifted from your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best?  Well darlin' I am here for you!

Graphic Design Services:

I can help you with business marketing materials, like business cards, posters, brochures, menus, proposals, as well as promotional materials.  Do you have an event coming up that you need banners, table tents, t-shirts, and swag to promote your business?

Social Media Services:

Do you have social media set up for your business?  Do you find yourself too busy to create captivating images or graphics for your business?  Do you keep up with the activity of your posts, or are the analytics something you just don't understand?  If you are overwhelmed by the ever changing algorithms in social media, then let me handle this for you and get you the results you desire.

Email Marketing Services: 

Are you keeping in touch with your clients via email?  Are you capturing email addresses but not reaching out to your clients?  Do you have products or services that you should share with your client base?  I can handle this for you too!

Web Design Services: 

Does your website need a face-lift? Is it responsive?  Does it have SEO and Google Analytics appropriately installed?  Does it convert visitors to contact you?  Maybe you are ready to create a web presence and tried to build it yourself and are overwhelmed.  I can handle this for you too.  WordPress blog sites and eCommerce are my specialty.



Monthly Retainer Services are available to save you time and money!

Let me take some of these things off your plate so you can focus on doing what it is you do best - growing your business!

Social Media Services

Do you find that you spend more time trying to catch up with your Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn? Would you rather be working on other tasks and projects?  Do  you even have social media set up for your business?  I can save you time and energy and get results.  I can do everything from setting up your social media accounts and scheduling posts, to creating content and designing engaging graphics.

Social Media Management Packages start at just $149 per month.

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Email Marketing, Sales and Landing Pages

Are you growing a list  by capturing emails from your visitors?  Are you offering something of value to your clients who joined it?  Your job is to make that connection, and my job is to help you build that relationship through email campaigns that convert.

Landing pages start at just $75 each.

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Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing Support

If you are spending time creating brochures, business cards, signs, banners, collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and evergreen products, you can't focus on revenue generating tasks.  Marketing pieces are important to your success, so let me design stunning materials that showcase all your business has to offer.

Design Services start at $50.


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Trying to DIY and have no clear idea on where to begin?

You have a concept of what you want, but when it comes to colors, fonts, images, you just can't decide.  Let me help cut through the confusion and bring your brand to life.

Get Your Branding Started with a Package Service!


Petite Branding Package - Perfect for Start-Ups, Nonprofit Organizations and Small Business Owners

Who have a vision for their brand and feel ready to collaborate with an invest in a graphic designer.  Your new visual identity will be custom to your business and include essentials to help you develop a cohesive, authentic, beautiful brand.

Premier Branding Package - Perfect for Small Business Owners and Established Organizations

Looking for a fresh new and custom visual identity from the top down, plus print business materials and web imagery.  We will work great together if you're ready to collaborate with and invest in a graphic designer to help make your vision come to life!

Ultimate Branding Package - Perfect for Small Business Owners and Established Organizations

Who are truly ready to invest in a complete new visual identity and a beautiful, clean modern website design that you can maintain on your own.  We will be a great fit if you have a vision and you are ready for a fun collaboration with a graphic designer!

Get Noticed with Graphics!

Growing your business is easier when you have help!

Let me handle the design and ordering for your business when it comes to promotional products.  I have the resources and the knowledge to save you money and time!

Are you reaching your audience, or still wondering how to do that?

How do you connect with your clients?  Do you blog, send newsletters, or direct mail?  Do you use targeted advertising, post regularly on social media?  Let me help you make an impact in your community, and help you find new clients and keep your current clients happy.

You've got questions, I've got answers!

Let's visit about your goals and how I can partner with you to get your there and beyond!