Our approach is simple.  We put content first, followed by design.

The project starts with the website planning phase.  In that phase, website planning specialists work with the client to decide all the important parameters related to content:

  1. Which content types should be produced.
  2. Which formats should the content be published.
  3. How much of every content type should be created.

While content creation, web design, and web development are all part of the iterative cycle, content still comes before design and development.

The majority of the content needs to be written before web designers are web developers begin designing and coding the website.

This approach usually looks like this:

  1. Client signs contract.
  2. Client pays deposit.
  3. The agency/content creation consultant works with client on content planning and creation.
  4. Client writes and delivers minimum viable content (the minimum amount of content for every different content type.
  5. The web development process begins to unfold and iterates in the following cycles: 1)back-end development, 2) entering content, 3) web design, 4)front-end development.

Using the “Minimum Viable Content” Concept

A simple website would consist of the following pages:

  • Home
  • Products (20 products)
  • Services (5 services)
  • Clients (30 clients)
  • About
  • Contact

To get started and save money and time, you don’t need to wait until you can create content for 20 products, 5 services, and 30 clients.  At minimum, you should create real examples of every different content type, such as:

  • At least one real product with images
  • At least one real service with images
  • At least one real client with images and/or logos
  • All of the “About Us” page content
  • All of the “Contact Us” page content

Working on that content will force you to thoroughly think about which data and which information you should write to present your products, services, clients, and your company. It will also reduce the chance that you forget to include a major piece of information, such as a product brochure downloads on a product detail page.

Benefits of “Content First” Website Development

  • Your website (re)design project will be delivered on time.
  • You don’t have to pay more than it has been agreed in the contract because the designer doesn’t have to make any major changes.
  • There are no “surprises” along the way or 2 days before launch.
  • Minor changes can be made without paying a hefty sum, without breaking the website, without delaying the website launch.
  • You will have a long and productive relationship with your chosen website professionals.

Most Clients Need Help Writing Content for Their Website. Do You?

We completely understand and know why.

  • You are busy with your everyday tasks that simply must be done.
  • Writing website content is not your core competency (there are no copywriters in a typical B2B company).
  • You don’t know what is important to write about.
  • Content creation is hard, because it takes at least one subject matter expert within your company to create content. Subject matter experts are usually the busiest people (company owners, directors of marketing, directors of sales, CEOs of small businesses,etc.).
  • Because professional copywriting services are expensive, and companies usually choose to produce their own content.

We recognize these issues, and have created a solution in the form of a Website Content Creation guide, and will provide our clients with this guide to help them through the process.


Our website are responsive and built using the latest HTML and bootstrap technology.  Our sites are search engine friendly, and easy for our end users to update.  We install Google Analytics reporting software, and submit your site to all major search engines.


Websites are a valuable marketing tool for you company, and a source for attracting new clients and enhancing your brand.  Our professional website packages start at $1800.  Not sure where to start?  Schedule a discovery call with us today!