#1. Educate yourself

Investing in a new website or a redesign can be very expensive. Before you settle on a firm, make sure you know you who you are doing business with.

A web designer must be able to perform all the design tasks related to your business with sincerity because creating a website is a complex process.

#2. Experience counts

A good web designer should have knowledge and experience in various design languages.I have been designing websites for over 15 years and have experience designing in HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Dreamweaver and e-commerce.
I have experience designing for a variety of industries, including nonprofit and commercial businesses. If your business sells products online, I am experienced at setting up sites for online payment and shipping.

#3. Get References

Ask the web designer for previous work they have done for other clients as well as the links to sites they have created.

Please feel free to visit my website and view the sites I have designed for clients.
I value my clients and work hard to deliver their desired results.

Together we follow a timeline so the project can be completed on time.
Feedback is essential to the process. I ask my clients for testimonials and post them on my website.

#4. Communication

You should be able to easily convey your ideas of the website to the designer who has good listening skills.
My clients complete a detailed questionnaire so that I understand the business goals and requirements. This enables me to provide my client with an outline of the web design project and provide a detailed business proposal.
This process also keeps us both on schedule by meeting our predetermined milestones, and moving the project forward to meet the completion date.

#5. Does the Designer Know SEO

Search Engine optimization is included in every site I build. I use keyword-phrases in page titles, and place strategic search phrases on pages within the site to increase ranking.
My sites include sitemaps, and website directory submissions like Google My Business. I also install Google Analytics and offer site traffic reporting to my clients.
It is quite beneficial to hire a designer who has SEO experience too.

#6. Do They Know Social Media

Social media marketing is an essential aspect to success of a business. It is critical that social media properties be part of the website design.
My sites include any and all social media property connections. I also offer social media marketing packages that include platform creation, content creation and strategic planning.
Social media is valuable tool to every business and should be enabled. Your website’s ability to attract new clients as well as enhance your brand are essential to the site’s success.

#7. Deadlines Matter

Starting a web design project is easy, but finishing on deadline is tough. Before signing the contract, make sure the designer can make the project deadline.

My clients receive a detailed project timetable for each phase of the project at the beginning. Client participation in the process is essential to maintaining the completion of each phase. If the client needs more time to approve a phase, the deadline is subject to change. We both agree and sign off on the timetable before the project begins.

#8. Payment Terms

It is not uncommon for website designers to ask for 50% of their quote up front with balance due upon delivery. Get a detailed list of what is included in the quote.

I provide a comprehensive quote that details what is included in a custom site, and what is billed separately. Extras may include copywriting, custom photos and videos, logo design, hosting and additional SEO work.
On approval of the quote, my clients receive a contract that includes terms and conditions, and warranty of the work. Once the 50% deposit is received, the project is scheduled and the work begins.

#9. Is Ongoing Support Included?

You’ll want to know happens if there are problems with site after launch. Is there a warranty period? Quite often, design changes after the site launches aren’t covered.

I offer comprehensive support for clients who host the sites I built with me. Included in the support is both a warranty against bugs in the software, as well as technical support for using it. The support with sites I am hosting covers fixes that prevent it from working the way it was designed to work.

Changing something about how the website works, what it contains, or how it looks, is all maintenance, which is billable.
I offer monthly maintenance “care packages” to my clients to handle updates, remove or add content, alter features, design or other things.


I hope you have enjoyed my tips on hiring a web designer. If I can answer any questions about my business, please feel free to ask!

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